How do I open a forex account? or Binary Option account?

You can open live account with a reputable forex broker of your choice e.g,

  • www.forextime.com,
  • www.hotforex.com,
  • www.alpari.com,
  • www.fxpro.com,
  • www.binary.com


What is the minimum investment for a forex managed account?

The minimun investment with Fairwayfx is $1000.we can  also give consideration to those with $500. After opening of the forex account,you need to fund the account with a minimum of $1000 or $500.After that is done,send the login details(i.e Trading Account Number,Trading Password and Server)to us for trading to begin immediately.

How do I fund my forex managed account?

Different methods of funding can be found on the website of your chosen choice forex broker. Notably among them are Mastercard, Bankwire,Bitcoin, Webmoney, Perfect money e.t.c. Nigeria clients are strongly advised to open forex account with the broker that has representation in Nigeria for easy funding in Naira . e.g    www.forextime.com ,www.hotforex.com,  www.alpari.com.

How do I withdraw funds from my forex managed acocunt?

You can initiate a withdrawal at any time you desire. Please remember you are the only person that can make withdrawal from your account. Fairwayfx has no ability to take money from your account. We are simply appointed by you to execute trades on your forex account using only your forex account number and trading  password.

What commissions or fees are charged by FAIRWAY-FX?

Fairwayfx will negotiate performance commission and management fees with each new clients.On the minimum, we charge 50% of the monthly/weekly profit made on the capital.

How does Fairwayfx make money?

Fairwayfx will execute trades on your forex account and make profit for you.you will then have to withdraw 50% of the profit and send to us as our commission on a weekly basis.You can also withdraw money for yourself any time.We shall continue to trade for you as long as you remit our commission accordingly.

How many trades are made on average per month?

Average trades per month is a difficult thing to determine. If the markets are less volitile and less opportunity to trade exists we might not trade at all. If the market’s are providing many opportunities per day we might make several hundred trades within a 24 hour period. If you are not comfortable with the trading style please notify us immediately.

Can I stop trades being made on my forex managed account at any time?

YES! You are completely incharge of your money. This is true with ANY and ALL forex money managers

How do i open and fund my Binary Option Account

You can open binary option account on www.binary.com or any other binary broker of your choice.

Different option of depositing or funding is available on the website. perfectmoney is

the best method to fund your binary option account.this require you to open account  on www.perfectmoney.is

What is an LPOA?

LPOA stands for Limited Power of Attorney. This is the form signed by our clients when appointing us  to trade their forex capital funds(this is optional). This legal document states an individual or company acting as “attorney” (trader) has limited power over a designated account. The limitation of this power begins and ends with executing trades for the client.